Lilypad Vision

A fact that people overlook is that Lily Pads are not floating leaves, but rather the tip of an iceberg.
The leaves are actually attached to a 4-foot-long stems that are connected to the plant growing on the pond's bottom. These stems, combined with the surface stability of the water, make the pads strong enough to carry a frog.
This is our LilyPad vision: using our solid foundation, we will carry, assist, and support every builder in the Solana Space by providing a set of valuable tools.
What is Lilypad?
LilyPad is a centralized platform built by a team of experts to provide value for any pre-mint or post-mint project.

You will benefit from the following:
Lily Raffle
Lily Dutch Auction
Lily Games
DAO Voting
24/7 Support
White Labeling & Customizable Platform
Lilypad Features
  • Discord Server Connection
  • Obtain roles from your discord server (holder/whale/etc...)
  • Mini-games that use native token
  • Dao voting, based on the number of NFTs held
  • Calendar Integration
  • Admin Panel for creating raffles & auctions
  • Customizable Admin Option
  • Brandable UI
  • Custom URL
  • Supports any SPL token of your choice
  • Cancellable Auctions
  • Allows simultaneous raffling and auctioning of unlimited WL & NFT
  • Allows for the raffling & auctioning of various items (Whitelist spots, NFTs, Real Life items, Workshops, Merch)
  • Different languages
  • Purchase native token in pad using Jupiter
  • Token analytics (total supply, circulation, burned)
Lily Raffle
  • Creates a custom token on Solana blockchain for entries count
  • Limited entries per user
  • Limited entries per raffle
  • Sends a Token to the user’s wallet when they purchase an entry
  • Maximum Winners Count
  • Holders Type (no holder, holder or whale)
Lily Dutch Auction
  • Creates a custom token on the Solana blockchain for the entry count
  • Auctioned Amount
  • Sends a token to the user’s wallet when they purchase an entry
  • Holder type (non holder, holder or whale)
  • Starting price, reserve price, and price change per minute.
  • Displays the price schedule to the user
  • Limit maximum number of bids on an auction
  • Allow the user to update his data
  • Allow the user to link his wallet to his account
  • Ability to view your transaction history
  • Ability to view your raffle entries
Lily Games
  • Lilypad will allow your users to play games with your tokens
  • Available games: Coin Flip, Penalty kicks, cards, dice, and more
DAO Voting
  • Lilypad will allow your community to vote on decisions based on the number of NFTs they have
Why TSF?
  • Long-Term Business Partner
  • Our Unique Web Interface
  • In-house product development
  • Agile Development and Delivery
  • Flexibility and Customizability
  • Flexible & Competitive pricing module
  • Constant updates and enhancements on the platform
  • More services to be added in the near future
The LilyPad is a robust web-based platform that provides all of the core features needed for any project under one interface.
Your community can access all of the features of the Lilypad through a single sign-on, you can even add access to other services you offer like staking.